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Araribóia Territory Guards Receive Equipment and PPE for Territorial Monitoring

On May 13, 2024, the guardians of the Araribóia territory, in the Zutiwa region, received a significant donation of equipment and PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) intended for territorial monitoring. This crucial support was provided by the We Are Guardians Impact campaign through donors who recognize and value the tireless fight of these guardians for environmental preservation.

Indigenous peoples, historically recognized as the best protectors of forests, play a vital role in conserving green areas and maintaining biodiversity. The delivery of the new equipment aims to strengthen the guardians' ability to monitor and protect their lands against various threats, including illegal deforestation and invasions.

The initiative highlights the importance of collaboration between different entities and communities in preserving ecosystems. "We believe in the cause of the guardians of the Araribóia territory and are committed to supporting them", stated one of the representatives of the partners involved.

The guardians of the Araribóia territory have demonstrated, over the years, an exemplary commitment to protecting their ancestral lands, acting on the front line against illegal activities that put the integrity of the forest at risk. The arrival of new equipment and PPE reinforces the resistance and vigilance capacity of indigenous peoples, ensuring that they continue to play their crucial role in environmental protection.

This support is another step in valuing and recognizing the wisdom and traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples, essential for the preservation of nature and ecological balance.


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