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DEADLINE: Leonardo DiCaprio, Appian Way Board ‘We Are Guardians’ As EPs; Urgent Doc From Fisher Stevens’ Highly Flammable Tackles Threat To Amazon Rainforest

"Fisher Stevens’ Highly Flammable production company announced Leonardo DiCaprio and his Appian Way Productions have joined the documentary We Are Guardians as executive producers."

"(We Are Guardians) is more character driven, an effective strategy that pulls the viewer into the perspectives of the most vulnerable, and most determined, people in this struggle."

"Told through the eyes of Indigenous leaders and forest guardians, illegal loggers, private landowners, climate scientists, farmers, and investigative journalists, We Are Guardians offers a kaleidoscopic view of a deeply divided Brazil in the midst of a political, social, and economic crossroad."

"The Indigenous people of the Amazon are not only fighting for their rights but they are fighting for the survival of their people and the future of the planet. The destruction of the Amazon not only hurts the people of Brazil it also holds the keys to the effects of Climate change around the world."

Screen Shot 2023-07-24 at 1.00.37 AM.png
Fisher Stevens - web res - from IMDB.jpg

"In Cannes for Wes Anderson’s 'Asteroid City,' the actor-director-producer opens up about life after 'Succession' (including the spinoff he penned), his upcoming David Beckham doc-series, his new environmental doc feature, and his very famous — and very creative — circle of friends and collaborators."


“Powerful doc.”

Jason Guerrasio, Insider

“It is beautifully produced and it tells a powerful story of competing interests.”

Chloe Veltman, NPR

We Are Guardians is haunting, a potent reminder of how some have no choice but to fight the good fight despite the odds. It is ultimately a call to action and a plea to the global community to join in. (…) the filmmakers display a loving, caring approach that invites others to pay attention and join in the struggle.
Barbara Goslawski, POV Magazine 


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