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O Globo: Award-winning documentary about the fight to preserve the Amazon will have sessions at COP 28

Produced by Leonardo Dicaprio, the film is directed by indigenous Edvan Guajarara

Winner of the Autochtone First People's festivals, in Montreal, by Raindance. In London. and the 47th International Film Festival, in São Paulo, the Brazilian film "Somos guardians" will have two special screenings and will be played at COP 28, in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

Produced by Leonardo Dicaprio, the film will be shown at the Brazilian Pavilion this Sunday, the 3rd, and at the Food4climate Pavilion next Wednesday, the 6th.

Indigenous director Edvan Guajarara and activist Puyr Témbe, one of the characters in the film, will be present at both sessions for dialogues and celebrations.

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