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1. support the guardians' immediate needs

2. Recognize your power to vote with your dollar

3. Divest from credit cards and banks involved in deforestation

4. Become a guardian in your hometown

It may feel like the problem is too big to be able to make change. But together we are powerful, and together it is possible to preserve and regenerate the Amazon for generations to come.

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1. Support the guardians

Donate to support the work of Puyr and Marçal's guardians directly. These donations will provide the immediate resources they need and help reforestation initiatives in their territories.

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Awa-Guajá man in Arariboia indigenous territory

Speak out in support of the guardians

Send an email to the Brazilian government to urge them to support the guardians and evict the illegal invaders that are destroying their forest home and threatening their uncontacted Awa relatives.

Supermarket Aisle

2. vote with your dollar 

Everytime we make purchases at the supermarket, we're actually voting with our dollar. Equip yourself with the knowledge surrounding which companies and products are causing the most deforestation. Use your voice to let these companies know we do not condone these extremely harmful business practices.

Are you brazilian?

Join Mighty Earth's project to combat deforestation in the Amazon and Cerrado. This app collects data about deforestation related products on supermarket shelves throughout Brazil.


Tell the world's largest meat processing company to cut ties with suppliers that are deforesting the Brazilian Amazon. Make your voice heard.

Sign the petition to keep mining companies out of the Amazon and Indigenous lands. Speak out against them and their investors.

3. Divest from credit cards and banks involved in deforestation

Financial institutions are using your money to bankroll deforestation in tropical forests around the world. By divesting from the banks and credit card companies most involved with deforestation, you can make a difference. 

Activists in the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline created this great breakdown of how to divest from harmful banking institutions. Click below for the guide.

Guajajara woman planting trees

4. Become a guardian in your hometown

Regeneration is the antidote to despair. Find ways your can get involved in environmental and social issues in your area. If the Amazon feels too far away, assume the role of guardian in your community and help protect your natural spaces and fellow community members. Start a reforestation initiative in a deforested area. Help clean up a local stream or park. Advocate for stricter environmental protections in your local or state government. Every little action helps. 


Today you can download and share our Guardian Toolkit and continue to follow weareguardians on social media to see more of whats happening in the Amazon and what's going on with our impact campaign.


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