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Donate to support the work of Puyr and Marçal's guardians directly. These donations will provide the resources they need to protect their territory.

help protect the uncontacted awÁ PEOPLES

Send an email to the Brazilian government to urge them to support the Guardians and evict the illegal loggers that are destroying their forest home and their uncontacted Awa relatives.

Você é Brasileiro?

Join Mighty Earth's project to combat deforestation in the Amazon and Cerrado with an app.

Tell the world's largest meat processing company to cut ties with suppliers that are deforesting the Brazilian Amazon. Make your voice heard.

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Sign the petition to keep mining companies out of the Amazon and Indigenous lands. Speak out against them and their investors.

The Tembé and Guajajara territories, (Alto Rio Guamá and Arariboia,) situated on the easternmost deforested edge of the Amazon, play a pivotal role in regional climate dynamics. The weather patterns originating here affect the entire Amazon basin, perpetuating a drying feedback loop. We can make a substantial difference by working hand-in-hand with these communities to preserve their remaining forests, reforest damaged areas, and help them establish a regenerative economy for sustained autonomy.

Impact Goals and Strategies


1. ) Support for Forest Guardians & Communities: Protecting and Regenerating Ancestral Lands and Ecosystems

2.) Outreach, Educational Materials, and Indigenous Storytelling for Positive Change

3.) Robust Screening Tour and Global Reach: Amplifying Impact

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