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The Amazon is like the heart of our earth. Pulsating with life and fostering the most astounding array of biodiversity on the planet, it generates and circulates water throughout the world and helps keep our global climate system in balance. Today, however, it faces unprecedented threats from deforestation and climate change – threats that we have the power to mitigate. This is where our journey begins..

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Puyr Tembé in the forest
Planting Amazonian tree seeds

Edivan Guajajara Indigenous filmmaker

Empowerment of Indigenous Forest Guardians and Communities


Educational Outreach and Storytelling for Change

Empower Indigenous Forest Guardians with tools, technology, and training to better protect their territories. Provide educational training in agroforestry and solar energy for autonomy and financial independence.

We will help these communities replant areas of forest that have been destroyed in both territories. We'll leverage both local knowledge and outside expertise to grow saplings, collect indigenous seeds, and replant swathes of forest.

Distribute a “Guardians Toolkit” and educational materials for change. Launch "Futura Amazonia" media platform driven by Indigenous filmmakers with stories their creating, documenting, and telling. Provide curriculum guides to 2 million U.S. educators for use alongside the film.

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Direct Support to Indigenous guardians

At the forefront of our mission is the empowerment of the Indigenous Forest Guardians - the unsung heroes tirelessly safeguarding the Amazon's ancestral lands and rich ecosystems. To fortify their resolve, we're not just launching a campaign; we're igniting a movement to equip these guardians with the essential resources and technology that they’ve personally requested and require. 

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Our campaign begins with equipping the Indigenous Forest Guardians with the essential tools for their mission. This includes providing transportation, smartphones, drones, cameras, radios, and other crucial resources necessary for effective monitoring and protection of the rainforest. These communities have already been using a lot of these technologies for many years and we recognize it is indispensable in their tireless efforts to combat illegal logging and encroachment. Moreover, we believe that this empowerment extends beyond equipment, encompassing additional training opportunities in organization, leadership, conflict resolution, and technology to enhance their impact.

We also understand the importance of every second and every dollar. That's why our approach is laser-focused: by removing intermediaries, contributions will flow directly into the hands of the communities and guardians who stand as the first line of defense for our planet's most vital natural treasures.

Through donations and grants, we're building bridges between your goodwill and their on-the-ground needs, ensuring swift and impactful support. Join us in this critical effort to enhance the capabilities of those who protect this vital ecosystem.

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The Tembé and Guajajara territories, the Alto Rio Guamá and Arariboia respectively, are situated on the easternmost deforested edge of the Amazon and play a pivotal role in the regional climate dynamics. The weather patterns originating here affect the entire Amazon basin, perpetuating a drying feedback loop when forests are destroyed. 

We can make a substantial difference by working with these communities to preserve their remaining forests and reforest damaged areas.

Map of deforestation in the Amazon from the 1980's showing the territories of focus
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The Alto Rio Guamá territory alone has almost 2000 km2 of deforested land that can be regenerated. 


We will work with the communities to organize and fund a reforestation effort that can begin to restore the rain cycle in those areas and beyond.

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We will continue to facilitate impact screenings for lawmakers and influencers and provide audiences the important opportunity to connect with Indigenous leaders in person.

We will work with Journeys in Film, who develops standards-based curriculum guides for classroom use, conversation guides for afterschool programs, community screenings, and university courses to educate students and facilitate discussions alongside the film.

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We will build a large, engaged social media community employing Indigenous content creators to produce additional short videos dedicated to diving deeper into important subjects and solutions addressed in the film. Empowering current and future Indigenous storytellers with the opportunities and the skills they need to tell their stories is paramount to the future we want to see.


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Collaborate with us on this impact campaign! Please get in touch.

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