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Environmental Agents from the Arariboia Indigenous Territory Unite to Plan Environmental Management and Inspection in 2024

Partnership between indigenous communities and environmental organizations aims to reforest and protect river sources in the Zutiwa region

Environmental agents from the Arariboia Indigenous Territory, in the Zutiwa region, recently met to draw up ambitious plans aimed at environmental management and inspection for the year 2024. In an unprecedented collaboration, indigenous communities joined forces with renowned environmental organizations, including One Forest, Ka'a Films and We Are Guardians Impact Campaign.

The main focus of this partnership is the reforestation and mapping of degraded areas in the territory, along with the identification and protection of river sources that are fundamental to the region's ecological sustainability.

With a deep knowledge of the territory and a spiritual connection with nature, indigenous environmental agents play a crucial role in preserving the environment. Collaboration with environmental organizations brings additional resources and technical expertise, further strengthening conservation efforts.

"This partnership represents a significant milestone in protecting our territory and promoting sustainability," said one of the indigenous leaders involved. “We are committed to preserving our land for future generations and this initiative is an important step on that journey.”

With actions planned for the year 2024, it is expected that the joint work of these environmental agents will result in tangible benefits for the local ecosystem and for the communities that depend on it for their subsistence and well-being. This exemplary effort highlights the importance of intercultural and inter-institutional collaboration in the search for sustainable solutions to environmental challenges faced globally.


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