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Leonardo DiCaprio Posts Trailer of 'We Are Guardians' on Instagram

‘We Are Guardians’ #SomosGuardiões has just premiered on Netflix in Latin America, and soon will be available worldwide. Amigos do Brasil, assistam a este filme agora. Amigos en toda América del Sur, desde México hasta Chile, ¡vean esta película ahora.

Unveiling the intricate tapestry of the Amazon’s struggle for survival, this powerful film not only illuminates the narratives of Indigenous guardians and leaders but also empathetically explores the perspectives of loggers and farmers. A compelling call to action, it underscores the urgency of enhancing transparency and traceability in production chains, crucial for alleviating the pressure on the forest and its inhabitants.

Stand in solidarity with the people of Amazonia. Watch Somos Guardiões and follow @weareguardiansfilm for updates on when it will be available for streaming outside of Latin America. The time to act is now. The forest needs us. We are all guardians.

#AmazonRainforest #somostodosguardiões @netflixbrasil @netflixlat

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