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It's more than a film, it's a movement.

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A journey of hope in the midst of crisis

In the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, thousands of people are unlawfully invading protected lands, devastating centuries-old forests for resources and fast profits. Now as the health of the entire Amazon teeters at the edge, will Brazil and the world take notice?

Indigenous forest guardian Marçal Guajajara and Indigenous leader Puyr Tembé stand at the frontlines of this fight, risking their lives to protect their ancestral lands from relentless invasions and deforestation. On the other side–Valdir, an illegal logger, is trapped in a desperate struggle to make ends meet and sees no other way than continuing to cut down the forest.  

This is the powerful narrative at the heart of We Are Guardians — a story of hope and resilience amidst an unfolding crisis. Through a tapestry of voices, this award-winning documentary provides a raw and intimate look at the lives of those closest to the Amazon and peels back the layers of this critical situation to reveal a story that ultimately affects all of us. Directed by Edivan Guajajara, Chelsea Greene, and Rob Grobman, and produced by Academy Award winner Fisher Stevens with Leonardo DiCaprio serving as Executive Producer, the film is an exploration of the human spirit and our collective responsibility to protect the fragile balance of our world. Ultimately, it illuminates a path forward, where hope and unity can guide us toward a brighter future for the Amazon and our planet. 

  • Jul 04, 2024, 7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
    São Paulo, Av. Quarto Centenário, 1268 - Jardim Luzitania, São Paulo - SP, 04030-000, Brazil
    The first solar-powered operating cinema in Brazil launches its third unit, which aims to bring themes of a sustainable future to the present. The event will feature a Q&A with the artists who worked on the design of the project.
  • Jul 31, 2024, 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM
    Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland

A Global Treasure Worth Protecting

The Amazon Rainforest holds a profound significance for all of humanity. Tropical rainforests account for less than 3 percent of Earth's surface, yet they play an essential role in ensuring climate stability and regulating global rainfall patterns. In 2022, deforestation and wildfires in the Brazilian Amazon soared to a staggering 15-year high, casting a shadow of urgency over this vital ecosystem. In 2024, the problem continues.


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