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We have thoughtfully curated a collection of captivating downloadable images accompanied by ready-to-use captions. We invite you to download them and share to raise awareness about the critical issues concerning the Amazon rainforest. Tag us @WeAreGuardiansFilm on Facebook and Instagram and join us in becoming a protector of this precious ecosystem!

Become a guardian and download our action toolkit to learn more about how you can help.


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Sign Mighty Earth's Petition

The expansion of agriculture causes massive deforestation. We need to send a message to JBS, the world's largest meat processing company. They need to sever ties with suppliers who are involved in deforestation. Let's make sure they hear our voices loud and clear!


Donate to the Guardians

Did you know that the Amazon forest guardians are the difference between deforestation and living rainforest? They urgently require resources, equipment, and training to sustain their critical mission. Donate to directly support these courageous guardians.

We Are Guardians 3b - photo credit Edivan Guajajara - E26_220520_CUT TREES 2_BEST52977 (1)

Find Green Banks in Your Area

Consider the environmental impact of your money. Your choice of bank can make a significant difference. has compiled a list of sustainable financial institutions to help you make eco-friendly banking choices. Find green banks in your area today! 

Cutting Woods

Divest From Deforestation

Multinational banks and corporations are funding deforestation, but you can take action. Align your financial choices with your values by switching banks or buying eco-friendly products. Join the movement to divest from deforestation effortlessly with!

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