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Fórum Magazine: Edivan Guajajara speaks to Fórum about the documentary ‘We are Guardians’ as: “A tool of the fight”

The National Day of the Struggle of Indigenous Peoples was on the 7th and a Brazilian documentary, which clearly and historically portrays this resistance, has been gaining notoriety, not only in Brazil, but throughout Latin America. On January 28th, the production reached the Netflix catalog, being considered the first documentary produced by an indigenous director to enter streaming, after having its launch at the Rio Festival, in October 2023, with the presence of the Minister of Peoples Indigenous people Sônia Guajajara and congresswoman Célia Xakriabá (PSOL-MG).

Titled We Are Guardians, the film is a moving and necessary portrait of the original peoples who fight to preserve what remains of the Amazon Rainforest, in a movement that seeks to join forces to stop a problem that is becoming increasingly growing. for the Guajajara and indigenous peoples over the decades. The documentary directed by Brazilian indigenous director Edivan Guajajara together with producers Chelsea Greene, Rob Grobman and even actor Leonardo DiCaprio, aims to give visibility to this context, exploring the indigenous and environmental issue from different aspects, such as socio-political, economic, geographical, scientific, historical and cultural.

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